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a specialized experience

Maebird Boudoir exclusively specializes in the genre of boudoir portraiture to provide only the best for everyday women.


At Maebird Studios, boudoir photography isn't just about standing in front of a camera, looking ravishing, or curating a masterpiece for your lovebird. In this studio, boudoir is an expression, an experience...

the philosophy and mission

Hello, I'm Alice Mae.
I believe that every woman has her unique story, and that her story is worth telling. Our experiences live in our hearts and minds, and manifest in our songs, journals, conversations, quirks and habits. Our experiences are also written on our bodies, on our skin, in the way we carry ourselves, in the expressions we show in our eyes. I created Maebird Boudoir (Sacramento, California) to empower women by providing an outlet for telling their stories of heart, mind, & body. This
is the power of visual story-telling through intimate feminine portraiture. Through portraiture, Maebird Boudoir's mission is to encourage and inspire women break the shackles that they're bound to by conventional, unrealistic beauty standards, and to embrace self-acceptance and self-love.

Alice Mae

love letters to maebird


Miss J.

"My entire experience with Alice and Maebird Boudoir studio was beyond exceptional. Every step of the process greatly exceeded my expectations. Upon initial contact with Alice through a phone call it was apparent that she was sweet, genuine and passionate about what she does. I loved that! I was ready to book before she even gave me pricing.

Alice and the quality of work she puts out are completely priceless. The amount of time she spent with me showing me each pose, coaching me, reinforcing me, made it easy!

The pictures from her shoot demonstrate an immense amount of experience and talent. I just was so excited when I saw how beautiful my pictures turned out. I literally couldn't believe it."

Copy of Maebird Boudoir (6).png

Maebird Boudoir hosts a badass active, private, women-only Facebook community dedicated to celebrating women of all walks of life. This is a place to complement every woman's journey to self-love. This is also a place to rain love on boudoir portraiture of Maebird clients, and to get first dibs on exclusive promotional offers. Join us on our mission in promoting women empowerment- click here!

...let's capture your story...
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I'm ready for my session!"

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