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welcome to the maebird boudoir experience guide for
p o w e r f u l everyday women

Maebird Boudoir exclusively specializes in the genre of boudoir portraiture to provide only the best for everyday women.

We believe that every woman has her unique story, and that her story is worth telling. We believe that boudoir portraiture is an outlet for telling stories of her heart, mind, & body. This is the power of visual story-telling through intimate feminine portraiture.

This guide is here to help you visualize what to expect in the Maebird studio!

Session Fee

The Session Fee ($500) covers your entire experience, including, but not limited to, pre-session consultations, professional hair and makeup, access to the Client Wardrobe, the photoshoot with guided posing and wardrobe changes, same-day viewing and ordering session, customized product design, product delivery, and more.... Whew!


Pre-Session Consultation

After booking your session, you will receive a small collection of materials to help prepare for your big day! This includes a general photoshoot preparation guide and a Maebird products guide to help you visualize your final masterpieces. You will also receive a body mindset guide to give a little boost to your empowerment journey, even before your session date! For additional assistance, Alice Mae is available for consultation appointments through the phone, video call, or 30-minute in-person appointments.

Needless to say- you will be well taken care of, even before the session date!

Client Wardrobe

The Client Wardrobe is filled with lacey, silky, and strappy lingerie, robes, dresses, body jewelry, and a miscellaneous collection suitable for a queen. Maebird is proud to curate a size-inclusive wardrobe for all, and currently has a collection of XS to 4X pieces. The studio is constantly expanding the wardrobe, so if this is outside of your sizing, please let Alice Mae know so she can be sure to accommodate you! Clients are also welcome to book an appointment to visit the studio and try on various outfits before the big session day.


Professional Hair and Makeup

One of the things that women are most concerned about is how to do their hair and make up... but we bring you amazing news! Your session includes complimentary professional hair and makeup! All you have to do is arrive to the studio with clean face and hair.

Most women don't know what kind of aesthetic they want to have for their hair and makeup- but don't worry, the artist will know exactly how to help you pick out out a look that you love!

Alice Mae and a professional artist will be there to greet you on your photoshoot day, and you'll hop straight into the chair to go from everyday to slay!


Same-Day Viewing
& Ordering Session

And now... the finale! At the conclusion of your photoshoot, you'll take a two hour lunch break. During that time, Alice Mae will turn your portraits into your unique art! When you return, you will get to see all of the edited versions of your portraits-- yes, on the same day as your photoshoot! Alice Mae will work with you to select your favorite images for purchase, as well as help you design your custom album spread. There will be numerous album samples and cover swatches in the studio for you to feel and touch!

Photoshoot with
Expert Guided Posing

After your outfits are selected and your hair and makeup is done, it's time to do the thing: a 90-minute photoshoot! Alice Mae has worked with numerous women and has mastered the craft of posing women in a comfortable, upbeat, safe, and fun environment... paired with her flair for drama, drama, drama, you'll produce a stunning gallery with a mix of dreamy, moody, light-hearted, playful, and empowering portraits to hold on to forever. 


The Investment

The studio offers a selection of ways to display your art! This includes metal prints, folio boxes, albums, and digital galleries, and more. Most Maebirds purchase albums- the classic intimate masterpieces for boudoir art.

There is a minimum investment of $1500, and most clients love their images so much that they typically purchase a Collection. À l
a carte prices start at $600 and Collections start at $2400.


Pre-Session Payment Plans
& Bonuses

Maebird Boudoir offers a flexible in-house, interest-free, pre-session payment plan! Most of Maebird's clients love paying off their collections in bite-sized pieces. Clients that take advantage of this are able to enjoy a truly carefree day dedicated towards the experience.

...Let's capture your story...


"Okay Maebird,
I'm ready for my session!"

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