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So it begins... Maebird Boudoir (Sacramento, CA) is open for business!

Hello, I'm Alice Mae.

I believe that every woman has her unique story, and that story is worth telling. Our experiences live in our hearts and minds, and manifest in our songs, journals, conversations, quirks and habits. Our experiences are also written on our bodies, on our skin, in the way we carry ourselves, in the expressions we show in our eyes. I created Maebird Boudoir (Sacramento, California) to empower women by providing an outlet for telling their stories of heart, mind, & body. This is the power of visual story-telling through intimate feminine portraiture.

Through portraiture, Maebird Boudoir's mission is to encourage and inspire women break the shackles that they're bound to by conventional, unrealistic beauty standards, and to embrace self-acceptance and self-love.

Boudoir isn't just taking photos, looking ravishing, or purchasing a gift for your lovebird. Boudoir is an experience. It is an expression of your self-love and confidence, regardless of where you are in your empowerment journey. Maebird Boudoir's mission is to help you along in that journey.

Oh, I am elated. Maebird Boudoir is open for business!

Maebird Boudoir (Sacramento, CA) Poster

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